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Checkered Flag Leadership speaking training Jack W Peters

Checkered Flag Leadership is a Keynote Speaking and Training program created by Jack W. Peters  with lessons and examples inspired by automotive racing.  What can we learn from racing?  More that you might think.  There are many parallels between business and racing. 

In racing, difference between willing and losing can come down to a fraction of a second.  Business is just as competitive with the need to utilize any competitive advantage to be successful.  Like racing, business requires strong leadership, everyone working together as a team with a focus on innovation to win.


In racing we say, "You can't finish first without first finishing."  Same goes for training.  Does no good to learn a lesson if you cannot remember it, or if does not have meaning to apply it to your own life or business.  Checkered Flag Leadership is a new, exciting way to learn and remember business skills so you and your team can put what you learn into action for a win of you own!

"Victory pays its own way

while defeat requires payment."

                                                         Jack W. Peters

A Trifecta is when the first, second, and third place winner is accurately predicted in a race.  Jack's Victory Trifecta is Leadership, Teamwork, and Innovation.  Learn how to apply these business skills to any challenge or opportunity, it works every time.

Speaking and Training opportunities can include any or all of the following:

  • Keynote Speech in person or online

  • Ongoing Training Sessions in person or online

  • Training Videos to use in your own company meetings

  • Team Building Event with Exotic Cars

  • Company Celebration once goals are met

Jack W. Peters is active in off-road desert racing as race

association track official volunteer as well as assisting 

various race teams.  

Racing and races that has inspired Checked Flag

Leadership include:


  • 24 Hours of Le Mans

  • Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno

  • Formula 1

  • King of the Hammers


  • SCORE Baja 1000

Jack at Vegas to Reno 2020.jpg
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