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Jack W. Peters Keynote Speaker

Jack W Peters speaking Oregon
Jack W Peterrs training special forces India
Dr. Katrina Burrus interview Jack W Peters
Leadership             Safety             Professional Development

Jack's Speaking and Training is inspired by his adventures

including Racing, Treasure Hunting, and Explosives.

Statistics show that with traditional education,  we only retain 20% of what is taught after 30 days, 10% after a year.  Jack uses examples and stories from adventures so the audience can remember the lesson to apply it.  Training should not only be interesting, but exciting!


                                       Keynote Programs

Safety is No. 3

As an explosives specialist, adventure television personality, and off-road racer, Jack has learned a thing or two about safety. Actually, three things, and if you manage people who work outside of the office, you need to know them too!

Companies often say safety is number one, but what does that mean?  How do you make safety a priority?  


To me, it means working every day to stop virtually all preventable accidents.  Is that even possible?  Well yes kinda.  I mean no one is going to stop 100% of accidents because we as humans are hard-wired to do dumb things.  But what would it be worth to stop almost every preventable accident?  Accidents come with a great deal of costs and consequences, you would save millions.  

             Three steps to stopping preventable accidents

1.    Jack’s Bathtub Slope 300 Accident Factor
Statistically, there are two distinct times in a person's career when they are most likely to be in an accident.  On a graph, these two spikes make the Bathtub slope.  Also understand that statistically, we are 300 risky acts away from the next accident.
2.    Jack’s Safety Cycle
This is three simple things we continually need to be asking ourselves to get out of, and stay out of trouble. 
3.    Jack’s Safety Trifecta
If we know what causes accidents, we can also prevent them!  Jack has created three simple actions that we can enact now to stop virtually all preventable accidents. 
So Ya, Safety is Number 3!
•    Three simple things your people need to review before they do anything.
•    Three simple things to do to stop almost all preventable accidents.
•    Know the two times employees are most likely to get hurt in their career, and that we are statistically 300 risky actions away from the next serious accident.
•    Three million, and you’re welcome because that’s the amount of money you can save by following Jack’s advice.


Goliath Killer

Sharpen Your Aim, Slay the Giant,

Achieve Extraordinary Performance


   "What’s your giant, and how will you develop your sling to be victorious?"


Many struggles we have individually or on a corporate level is from outdated systems and thinking.  Jack’s speaking and training is about creating a transition from where you are now to where you want to be.  The basis of this transition is using his Victory Trifecta™ which is Leadership, Teamwork, and Innovation.


Through a keynote speech and ongoing training, Jack will help you make these positive and profitable improvements:


Controlling Management to Inspired Leadership

Dysfunctional Workgroups to High-Performance Teams

Outdated Procedures to using Innovation for Ongoing Improvements


Regardless of where you are now, you, your team and your company can start this transition for immediate positive outcomes.  This is a win-win for you, your people, your bank account, and the customers you serve!

Checkered Flag Leadership


If I can get you to think like a winning

race team, I can get you to win.

A Speaking and Training program with lessons and examples inspired by automotive racing.  What can we learn from racing?  More that you might think.  There are many parallels between business and racing. 

In racing, difference between willing and losing can come down to a fraction of a second.  Business is just as competitive with the need to utilize any competitive advantage to be successful.  Like racing, business requires strong leadership, everyone working together as a team with a focus on innovation to win.

In racing we say, "You can't finish first without first finishing."  Same goes for training.  Does no good to learn a lesson if you cannot remember it, or if does not have meaning to apply it to your own life or business.  Checkered Flag Leadership is a new, exciting way to learn and remember business skills so you and your team can put what you learn into action for a win of you own!

"Victory pays its own way while defeat requires payment."


A Trifecta is when the first, second, and third place winner is accurately predicted in a race.  Jack's Victory Trifecta is Leadership, Teamwork, and Innovation.  Learn how to apply these business skills to

any challenge or opportunity, it works every time.

Jack is active in off-road desert racing as race association

track official volunteer as well as assisting various race teams.  

Racing and races that has inspired Checked Flag Leadership include:

  • 24 Hours of Le Mans

  • Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno

  • Formula 1

  • King of the Hammers


  • SCORE Baja 1000

                              Teambuilding events with exotic cars?

Yes we can make that happen through venues like Speed Vegas.  Let us help you create an meaningful event that your team will not forget!

The Goldfish That Barked

Seven Actions to Distinguish Yourself for Success


This keynote is ideal for emerging professionals and is based upon Jack's book of the same name.

"How will you transition from where you are now to where you want to be?"

Distinguishing yourself for success is about getting discovered to take advantage of the opportunities that follow.  A transformation through improvement and achievement to be your best.  To develop confidence and courage needed to not only survive, but to thrive.  Now is the time to gain a competitive advantage with seven proven actions for your personal life and professional career.


Build your Brand

Don’t Fall into Traps

Learn to Communicate

Educate Yourself

What is your Superpower?

Give Thanks

Find your Mission


Combine these simple yet affective actions to seek and pursue your life's mission.  Create relationships and accomplishments to exceed expectations.

Being the best at what you are called to do to reach self-actualization.

"Enjoy the transition from the dysfunctional to the extraordinary, you will never look back!"
                                                                                                                            Jack W. Peters

Online Events through Zoom


We have a sound studio for online events.  Our studio includes multiple professional cameras, microphones, and lighting for high production quality.  Going online is a lower cost and easy way to fire up your next meeting or event.


Book Jack to be your next speaker in person or from his professional online studio.  Let’s discuss the possibilities further!

          Board Member of the Las Vegas Chapter 

          National Speakers Association

Checkered Flag Leadership speaking training Jack W Peters
Jack W Peters Zoom online studio
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