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Jack W Peterrs training special forces India
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Jack's Speaking and Training is inspired by his adventures

including Racing, Treasure Hunting, and Explosives.

Statistics show that with traditional education,  we only retain 20% of what is taught after 30 days, 10% after a year.  Jack uses examples and stories from adventures so the audience can remember the lesson to apply it.  Training should not only be interesting, but exciting!

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Corporate Leadership Programs:

Being Extraordinary through

Leadership, Teamwork, and Innovation


Checkered Flag Leadership,

Training inspired by Motorsports

Jack's Victory Trifecta is Leadership, Teamwork and innovation.  These keynote presentations are ideal for companies who's leaders want to become more inspired.  To find their mission and understand the 'why' behind what they do.  It all starts with leadership because organizations to do not typically out perform their leaders.

 Now employees need to understand and buy into the company’s mission. 

This is the first step for transforming dysfunctional workgroups into high performance teams.  This is partially done by teaching employees to work in a spirt of collaboration instead of competition.  


Employees learn to be accountable and take ownership to become a ‘Leader of Leaders.’  Envision all ages and backgrounds working together, finding their strengths and becoming self-managed.  Then different teams and divisions within your company learn to start communicating with each other for cross-team collaboration.   


Now you are on a roll, but just getting started.  Leadership and staff are communicating and working together crushing one big goal after another, but how will you keep getting better?  Next is a focus on innovation. 


How will you do what you so better than anyone else to remain competitive.  One of the secrets of developing your secret sauce is asking questions.  Like how can we do it better knowing small changes add up to huge improvements.


Simple yet effective actions can create results that will exceed your expectations by doing more than you ever thought possible.   

Professional Development Program:

The Goldfish that Barked,

Seven Actions to Distinguish Yourself for Success


This keynote is ideal for emerging professionals and is based upon Jack's book of the same name.

Distinguishing yourself for success is about getting discovered to take advantage of the opportunities that follow.  A transformation through improvement and achievement to be your best.  To develop confidence and courage needed to not only survive, but to thrive.  Now is the time to gain a competitive advantage with seven proven actions for your personal life and professional career.


Build your Brand

Don’t Fall into Traps

Learn to Communicate

Educate Yourself

What is your Superpower?

Give Thanks

Find your Mission


Combine these simple yet affective actions to seek and pursue your life's mission.  Create relationships and accomplishments to exceed expectations.

Being the best at what you are called to do to reach self-actualization.

Teambuilding for an Amazing Cause


As an addition to Jack’s keynote events, you can do an amazing teambuilding event that gives back to your community.  This is TEAM HYGENE, making personal hygiene kits for the homeless.


Your company is separated into teams to make personal hygiene kits.  They will learn critical Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, and Innovation skills while having fun.  When finished, we donate them to a charity of your choice to do something great for the people who need them most.


These personal hygiene kits include items like: a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, a shaver, deodorant, and finished with a personalized hand written note.  Teammates must work together to accurately complete as many kits as they can in a timed event.  This sounds easy, but it is not as simple as it appears.  It is an excellent training platform to teach the following:


• Cross-Team Collaboration, teams learning to communicate with each other

• Reaching goals as an individual, team, and companywide.

• Developing and sharing best practices to learn to do tasks better than before

• Learn to work in a high-functioning, and collaborating environment

• Learn how good it feels to do something great for someone who needs it most


Online Events through Zoom


We have a sound studio for online events.  Our studio includes multiple professional cameras, microphones, and lighting for high production quality.  Going online is a lower cost and easy way to fire up your next meeting or event.


Book Jack to be your next speaker in person or from his professional online studio.  Let’s discuss the possibilities further!

Enjoy the transition from the dysfunctional to the extraordinary, you will never look back!
                                                                                                                                  Jack W. Peters

          Member of the Las Vegas Chapter of the 

          National Speakers Association

Team Hygiene Team building kit
Jack W Peters Zoom online studio


Writers of Kern (Authors Association, Kern County California)  Five Stars

"On behalf of myself and the Writers of Kern, thank you for a wonderful presentation this morning.  You were encouraging to us all." 
Blessings, — Sandy Moffett, November 21, 2020


Willamette Writers Association, Eugene, Oregon -   Five Stars

"Our presenter, Jack W. Peters, was respectful, courteous, easy to work with, polite, and friendly. He was a good presenter who came prepared, was organized, and well-spoken. He was an expert in his field and his knowledge showed. His enthusiasm was contagious and the material he presented was useful and relevant. Our attendees enjoyed the material and benefited from the presentation. The material was presented in a fun and dynamic way. This is a DYNAMITE presenter that I would highly recommend to others."

— Sarina Dory, September 8, 2019


Motivated the students to succeed in school and beyond -  Five Stars

"Mr. Peters spoke to our entire student body and keeper the student engaged and interested. During his speech he interacted engaged with them.  Many of the stuff and students commented on how wonderful Mr. peters was there were many who showed and interest and asked if he was going to come back in upcoming years. He got student to think about other fields of careers other than the basis and they are voicing their interest in furthering their education in new and interesting fields of study. Thanks again Jack W. Peters!"

— Sarah Willis, Oakridge School District, May 23, 2018

Boy Scouts of America-Oregon Trail Council 2018 Fall Rendezvous -   Five Stars

"Jack relays a positive message that kept the attention of about 650 kids and adults.  No small task. Jack encouraged our Scouts to live life as an adventure and to make a positive impact in their world. Many of our Scouts wanted to meet Jack after the presentation and he was very gracious with his time.  We enjoyed having him as our keynote speaker and special guest.  Did I mention that this presentation was in a camping field?  Well done, Sir."

— Rob MacLuan, District Executive Oregon Trail Council -

     Boy Scouts of America, October 02, 2018